Our house rules

EnglishDear visitor,

We are pleased to welcome you at “Watersportvereniging De Maas” in Venlo. We are glad that you have selected our yacht club for a stay during your trip. Our harbourmaster will be pleased to help you should you need assistance.

You will be charged € 1,20 a night for each meter length of your yacht. Please be aware that a condition to stay in our harbour is a proper third party insurance for your boat.

The available facilities in our club are listed here below:

  1. All berths have the possibility for a coin operated 220V /10A electricity connection.
  2. Bikes are available via the harbourmaster. Rental is free of charge, however a deposit is required. This deposit will be returned to you upon return of the bike.
  3. Showers in our harbourbuilding are free of charge.
  4. Drinking water is free of charge. Please purge hoses to minimize risk of legionella infection.
  5. Chemical toilets can be emptied free of charge at the facility just north of the club building.
  6. Facilities to discharge wastewater tanks are available free of charge as well. Please contact the harbourmaster.
  7. Gas oil (diesel) can be purchased.
  8. We have propane and butane gas in depot.
  9. Household waste can be deposited in the separate wastecontainers on the premises.
  10. You may clean your laundry in the club building. Machines for washing and drying are available at € 3.- respectively € 2.- each. Washing powder is available at the harbourmasters office.
  11. Additionally we have ‘De Admiraal’, a very nice restaurant-bar, were you are invited for an excellent meal and a wide variety of refreshments.
  12. Dogs are welcome in our harbor; however, you are obliged to part from our harbor facilities to let them out. Moreover, you have to keep them on a short leash wile on our property.
  13. Swimming in the harbour area is not permitted for safety and health reasons.
  14. To protect your and our properties we have secured the harbor area with a code-system. When you register at the office of the harbourmaster the entry codes for the gates will be given to you. To keep our harbour safe, please do not make these codes available to others.

We wish you a pleasant stay at our club and we hope you will remember us as a good host.

Last but not least we like to inform you that the ultimate departure time will be 12.00 hrs and furthermore we wish you a nice and safe continuation of your journey wherever you may go.

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